How I got into software development


3 min read

Developing a new hobby

My interest in technology started way back, not with fancy classes or a specific event, but with a simple thing: my mom bringing home a laptop. Like many kids, I was curious about this new device and what it could do.

Back then, I didn’t have specific plans for the future, it was pure curiosity. I started playing some games online and then I thought: I want to make my own games! So, I took a brave (and maybe not-so-smart) step and wiped some files off the laptop to install GameMaker8. I was too excited about my new hobby to care.

Learning through exploration

The deeper I got into making games, the more I realized this wasn’t just to kill time. I started to have a lot of fun. I spent hours designing levels and logic to make this mix of Super Mario and Pac-Man, and getting my family to play my creations. That’s when I realised: this wasn’t just a hobby, it was something I was passionate about, something I could see myself potentially doing for a living.

Of course, the road to becoming a professional in tech wasn’t always smooth sailing. School wasn’t exactly my jam. I wasn’t a huge fan of the traditional learning style, but when it came to coding and building things, that’s where I felt at home.

Internships were a mixed bag. Some were interesting, some were a drag, but each one taught me valuable lessons about the real world of tech.

The power of a community

Then came a game-changer: Discord (did you see what I did there?). This gaming chat platform turned out to be a real turning point. I joined a programming community called The Programmer’s Hangout to get some help as I was working on a chat bot project, and that’s where I really started to improve my problem-solving skills. Every challenge I tackled made me more confident in my abilities.

From internship to employment

Fast forward, and I landed a professional role where I dove head first into the fast-paced world of app development. From working with AWS to building for mobile platforms, it was a constant learning experience.

Even with the whole COVID-19 thing thrown into the mix, I never stopped looking for ways to grow. That’s how I found myself at HeadFWD.

At first, I wasn’t sure about switching from working in a fixed team to client-facing work. But the company culture totally surprised me. Everyone was friendly and welcoming, both at the office and with clients.

Looking back

Thanks to coaching and mentorship, I developed my communication skills and gained a lot of confidence in my abilities. Even though working remotely wasn’t exactly what I had in mind at first, the team at HeadFWD made sure I felt included and supported, both on their projects and within the company itself.

Looking back, my journey from curious kid to tech professional has been all about taking chances, embracing challenges, and finding the right people to support me along the way.